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To qualify for funding, applicants need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a diagnosed disability of cerebral palsy

  • Must be a US citizen

  • Have a letter of recommendation from a healthcare professional (therapist, doctor, case manager, etc.)

  • Have pursued other funding options before applying with the Alyssa V Phillips Foundation (i.e. insurance)

  • Be able to provide a denial letter or explanation of non-coverage if an applicant has medical insurance or government funding (DARS/Texas Workforce Solutions, MDCO, CLASS, etc)

  • For any request involving vehicle modifications, the vehicle must not be greater than 7 years old and must have fewer than 100,000 mi.

  • It is expected that for any item that cost over $1,000.00 a portion of the total cost would be self-funded by the applicant (or another resource).  Applicants are required to detail such matters for requests greater than $1,000.00

  • For requests in excess of $3,000.00, a portion of the cost must be funded through sources other than the Alyssa V Phillips Foundation.  Applicants should apply to at least one other charity to enable the Alyssa V. Phillips Foundation to partner funds to help meet applicants' needs. Applicants are required to detail such matters for requests greater than $3,000.00

  • Currently, the Alyssa V Phillips Foundation is limiting direct and indirect financial assistance to any one beneficiary (or the family of a beneficiary) to $5,000.00 per year, with a lifetime maximum of $10,000.00.

  • Alyssa V Phillips Foundation accepts applications year-round.

  • If an application is denied due to limited funding, applicants can re-apply 150 days from the original application.

To apply:

  • Select application link

  • All supporting documents (denial letter, recommendation letter, invoice, etc.) must be uploaded with the application to be considered.

What Happens Next:

  • For applications under $500: Applications are reviewed once all requested materials are submitted

  • For applications over $500: Applications are reviewed in the order they are received after all materials are submitted. The Foundation will its best to respond within 60 days. During heavy application requests, response time may take up to 90 days.

  • Alyssa V Phillips Foundation reserves the right to refuse and/or limit any request for funding.

  • Applications that remain incomplete after 60 days will be closed.

  • If a request is approved, the Alyssa V Phillips Foundation will purchase the requested item directly from the vendor or fund the requested service directly from the provider on behalf of the beneficiary.  If applicable, such funding will only be provided after the applicant's self-funded portion is received by the vendor/provider and only after the Alyssa V Phillips Foundation approval paperwork is signed/submitted.

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