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The purpose of the Alyssa V Phillips Foundation is to support individuals with Cerebral Palsy (“CP”) with a focus on assisting children with CP, the families of children with CP, or any individual impacted by CP in maximizing independence.



One aspect of assisting children with CP is simply raising awareness of what CP is and what CP is not. In that regard it is expected that certain volunteers of the Alyssa V. Phillips Foundation may advocate or assist in providing general education to the public regarding CP. The education may be delivered through live presentation, video recorded presentation distributed via internet, webpage design with appropriate detailed information and links, and the more traditional hard copy printed material. Alyssa believes that in order to reach maximum independence an individual must first be accepted and included in society and part of creating an enviroment of inclusivity (especially in the preteen and teenage years) is dispelling with any myths or concerns through education.

The Foundation may provide financial support to those impacted by CP so that they can receive ongoing and necessary therapy treatments or medical equipment to increase independence where such benefits are not covered by medical insurance.


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